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Thai yoga massage is profound and holistic!


Have you received Thai yoga massage (AKA Thai Traditional massage)?
I do like regular massage (with oils) to receive, but also love Thai yoga massage!

And it is actually quite profound!

Thai yoga massage is holistic art, which works for whole body with massage, stretch, and energy work.

It eases the tension and stiffness of the muscles with massage, which feels good, then stretches the muscles to soften even more, and improves/removes the energy blockage in the body by stimulating the sen lines (energy lines).

The practitioner brings the client’s body into yoga poses and then stretches, although we move their bodies a lot, some of them fall asleep.

You will need loose clothes such as yoga wear for the session, but you don’t have to take off all your clothes like when you receive a massage with oils, so I believe that’s one of the reasons you should feel easy and safe to receive Thai yoga massage.

So! Please come try a Thai yoga massage with me!
You can book 60 minute for the first time just as a trial, but I recommend 90 minute session if you would like to experience total relaxation and whole body massage, stretch, and energy work.

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