Welcome to Maitri Holistic Therapy

Maitri means...

Unconditional love or loving-kindness in Sanskrit.
As I was born and raised in a Buddhist temple in Japan, I learned the true meaning of this word from a young age.
Now, I express Maitri through my hands when I massage people, and through the therapy sessions, even the products I made.


About me

I am a registered massage therapist with 2200 hours of training (in good standing with NHPC).

I first began working in an aromatherapy massage spa in Tokyo, which provided me with the motivation to return to school and build on my practical experience.

Earlier, while learning Thai Yoga Massage at Lotus Palm in Montreal in 2010 I was impressed by the power of touch and the effect it can have on our lives. During this period, I also had the opportunity to volunteer as a Thai Yoga Massage therapist. The pleasure of seeing people smile and the opportunity to receive feedback after each session were rewarding experiences. In 2013 I joined the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in Calgary. Over a 16 month period I was able to focus on my studies and complete many hours of training.

My philosophy is based on balance and self-healing. I believe massage is an excellent art to help the body’s self-healing process and has a lot of benefits to balance physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. I am also dedicated and passionate about natural and holistic therapy such as aromatherapy.

It brings me joy to make as many people as possible healthy and able to enjoy a balanced life. So now, I am starting to add more services such as aromatherapy sessions and selling aromatherapy products.


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