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June Special


June is a month for Fathers!
I am thankful to all fathers who work hard to support their families. And I imagine some dads have some pressure and stress that never go away...
Massage can help ease those emotions, and I would love to help!

And June special is "Win a free 60-minute massage"!
Everyone who came to a massage in June will automatically enter to win a free 60-min massage.

The draw will be held fairly at the end of June, and I will contact the person, to book the free massage!

There is, of course, a gift certificate for your father, father-in-law, or even dad friends!

Please review the course and how to purchase it here:

The course:
A. 60 min Classic Maitri, Thai Yoga massage $89.25
B. 90 min Classic Maitri, Thai Yoga massage $126
(the price is included GST)

How to purchase:

1. Please let me know your email address if you don't have an account on Hawkwood Health booking system yet, so I can send you a welcome mail to create an account.

2. Once you set up your account, register your credit card if you wish to use it. I accept e-transfer as well.

3. Please email me all the information via Contact form:

- The course you wish to purchase
- Preferred payment method (credit card or e-transfer)
- Name of sender
- Name and email address of receiver
- Message
- Specific date you want me to send the gift certificate (if not specified, I will send it upon receiving the payment)

*Please note that the massage using gift card is not covered by insurance.

I'm looking forward to seeing you on my massage table/mat!

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