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May Special


May is the Mother's day month! So, moms and moms-to-be who came to a massage in May will automatically enter to win a special gift!

It is "Spring into cleaning collection"!
This cleanser has no harsh chemicals, and it smells soo good! You can use it for almost anything to clean and will enjoy cleaning your whole house!

To be honest, I was quite concerned if people would think that I think "cleaning is women/moms' job" by gifting this.

I wanted to pick something that makes moms relax or some beauty products, but with my budget and the individual difference in skin types, I thought they might not be a good idea.
I personally love this cleanser, I feel it is a must-have item, and my husband also uses it when he mops the floor!

The draw will be held fairly at the end of May, and I will contact the person, then deliver the gift to her!

And of course, you can purchase a gift certificate for your mother, mother-in-law, or even mom friends!

The course:
- 60 min Classic Maitri, Thai Yoga massage, or Prenatal $89.25
- 90 min Classic Maitri, Thai Yoga massage, or Prenatal $126
(the price is included GST)

How to purchase:
1. Please let me know your email address if you don't have an account on Hawkwood Health booking system yet, so I can send you a welcome mail to create an account.
2. Once you set up your account, register your credit card if you wish to use it. I accept e-transfer as well.
3. Please send me all the information below via Contact form:

- The course you wish to purchase
- Preferred payment method (credit card or e-transfer)
- Name of sender
- Name and email address of receiver
- Message
- Specific date you want me to send the gift certificate (if not specified, I will send it upon receiving the payment)

* Please note that the massage using gift card is not covered by insurance.

And of course everyone else is welcome, so I look forward to seeing all of you on my massage table/mat!